High school Orientation Recount

“Really! Orientation Day! ALREADY” I shouted

On the 9th of December, it was Orientation Day, and today i had to go to Brunswick Secondary Collage a day to feel what year 7 felt like.

When we arrived the first person i saw was Ella one of my friends from Moonee Ponds Primary. Ella started talking how nervous she was and I was too, a few minuets later we saw a crowd, I said to Ella “Maybe we have to go in the crowd to get a name tag, cause Raymond has one”

“Yeah maybe, but let’s just stay here” Ella replied so we kind of did, until we realized that we had to get our stickers with our name on it and it had our pre-class/group.

The first thing we did was to go into the gym to watch a play from the junior production the theme was one of Doctor Sues books, but guess what i couldn’t see…..so that was REALLY fun…..

The next thing/activity we did was Recess…. yeah that’s not really an activity but at recess i got to talk to my friends from a different school school Brunswick North West they were Dariyah and Amanda, and they also had cousins that went to the same school.

After Recess we went back to the Auditorium room again…..and guess what we had to do, A TEST! Yeah great right? i know and you had to answer as many questions in 1 hour and there were 100 questions! time flew past and i did 92 questions but i skipped 3.

After the test we went to our groups and we had a teacher called Ms Rowe she was going to make key rings. So you were given a piece of paper to decorate one, and after you would get a shape for example: a butterfly shape. Which you would have to pick your favorite part of the art and stick it on the paper and that’s all.

We had lunch after art and i met up with my friends.

After Lunch we went to the auditorium to end the day so the teachers all said something and at the end we had to get a free bag with some information in it.

Everything went perfectly and i wasn’t that dumb, and i made loads more friends and surprisingly i am happy to go to Brunswick Secondary.



Camp snapshot (recount)

I couldn’t believe it when our tourist guide Joe showing us around AIS said that some of the highest records in sports.

We first went to where the swimmers train, were Joe told us about this girl that swam butterfly and was one of the hardest working swimmers at the AIS, she would swim at least 4500 km of the swimming pool (according to Joe). Then the unbelievable stuff came, even though swimming 4500 km was unbelievable already some more records came.

Joe then took us to the gym where a 11 year old girl did the splits on two ropes and climbed all the way up to the roof and touched it in 9 seconds FLAT!!

Another record was when a guy pushed 700 kg with his legs only his legs…..LIKE WHAT?!?!This person also held the record of the 100 m sprint in 9 seconds.

The next stop Joe took us to was the Volley players courts (inside), apparently the tallest Volley Player was 2 meters and 18 cm, and according to Joe Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world.

Math Mate term 4 sheet 5 problem 22

Predict: i think it is going to be about Money.

Read: Which deal cost less per gram?

Clarify: nothing.

Big Question: which one do you have to pay less

Mathematicians tool box:guess check and improve

Solve: firstly i added up 250 which it equaled 500 and 3 + 3 = 6 so A is the answer cause it is $5 for 500 which is cheaper

Summary: The most important is to read over in-case you didn’t read it right

100 wc week 11

It was that normal day how i got up and changed for  a normal Sunday, until my family ran up to me and showed me the pictures of the holiday last term and how great i took them.

“Do you remember we went to England and saw these flowers?”

“yes i do”

“ohhhh do you remember this one?”


they kept bugging me for ages and i realized that it was remembrance day so i just search the music up and stayed silent for 5 minuets or when the music finished……

What a Normal Sunday…

BTN: fairy business

people might say that you have to be an adult to own a business but there is a 14 year old  girl that owns her own business.

This girl started making fairy houses 3 years ago and she has made 2000 fairy houses, she sells the fairy houses at her school fundraising and got $400 dollars, but now she has changed it into a business called Enchanted Fairy houses. This girl has made work shops on how to make fairy houses parties and much more she even has published a book! Fact this was the only book to teach people how to make fairy houses.

if you want to start your own business

1.You must have an unique idea

2. people have to know about your business

3. You must also know how much it costs.

Math Mate:sheet 3 term 4 problem 22

Predict: I predict this is going to be about multiplication.

Read: Fill in the missing number.

BIG Question: what goes in the blank.

Mathematician Tool-Box: work backwards and make a list or table.

Solve: Firstly i did 56 divided by 8 which equals 7, which that is the answer, but there are many ways to solve it.

Summary: in conclusion, i got my prediction right and working this out has different strategies.

100 wc week 10

On Halloween, my friends and I, instead of trick or treating we were going to an so called haunted house.

We arrived at the haunted house it was really old that’s what i can say, we walked in with no fear, Amanda going first like always, it felt like a tour but actually wasn’t.

Soon we came to a door, Amanda opened the door and Jade went behind me, Amanda walked in and Jade and I stayed outside till she said it was okay.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH” We immediately ran inside, and we saw this creature, and no Amanda, as it shivered, they were wondering were Amanda was… It walked away,and saw no Amanda… This was a crime and Amanda was never found.

100 wc week 8

“hey did you here we where going to a environmental park?” one of my classmates were saying to my other classmate, trust me i was no eaves-dropping….. Okay maybe i was.

But today we were going to an environmental park and when we went there immediately i found something special…everyone in my school thinks i am weird but i find i am special but getting on i got lost and found the weird statue it was some sort of warlock i looked behind me if there were any clues none i looked back it disappeared…. soon one of my classmates ran saying my name “CINDY!” she took me to the class but today was a weird day.

btn: cat ban

In Canberra people have cats, the second most owned pet in the country.

People say that if they would be able to roam free they would cause harm to other living things that is why people say they should be locked up in cages,for example: in your houses or in actual cages reason why because it prevents them from hunting native animals, some of these cat owners even say it is good because they can live a healthier life and not get into cat fights or get lost, but some owners say it is cruel because they deserve freedom like we do.